jueves, 7 de octubre de 2010


Among the many wars that took place in the 17th century, the most outstanding one is the "30 years war", the first war where all Europe was involved. It was a religious war, also.
Have a look!

(Map of Europe  at the end of the 30 years war)

miércoles, 6 de octubre de 2010

IMPERIAL SPAIN: CHARLES I (V) & PHILIP II in the 16th century

In the 16th century Spain became one of the most important empires all over the world. An expanding empire, territories all over the world, in fact, an empire "on which the sun never sets". Charles I (V from Germany) and Philip II are the most important emperors representing this glorious time of the Spanish empire.
Here you have a mind map with the most outstanding information about them. You also have several links, which you can open, in case you are interested in getting more information.

domingo, 3 de octubre de 2010


Do you remeber Chief Seatle's words? Do you remember how he thought that the land, the stars, the water that flows through the river is our sister, or our brother, that is, our relative? Do you remember that he said that it is impossible to sell something that you don't owe? Do you remember that his main message was that we should protect nature?
Do you think that we really do? Or we don't?

Listen to the following audio and fill in the gaps of this exercise. Do you agree with it? In that case, leave a message!
(You should open 2 windows at the same time, one for the audio and the other for the exercise)