viernes, 3 de marzo de 2017

DBH3 "let's solve it together"

We are about to finish the second term and with it, the unit about politics "Make your voice count".
Along the unit, we have dealt with some political concepts and we have seen that we need to take part actively in society if we want to be heard and in order to our opinion be taken into account.
We have recently developed a debate we would like you to evaluate.
Here you have a questionnaire (DBH 3C) about it.
Thanks a lot!

martes, 26 de mayo de 2015


DBH3 students are going to develop a PROJECT ON MULTINATIONALS, where they are going to contrast the points of view of some multinationals and those who propose to boycott their products because of different reasons: using child labour, testing their products on animals, causing natural disasters ...

lunes, 4 de mayo de 2015

SEPTEMBER 11th 2001

Do you know what happened on September 11th 2001? The Amercican society was shocked when they saw their nation attacked. The mythical Twin Towers from New York were crushed down after two planes impacted on them. Who was behind these attacks? What was the purpose of the attackers?

The September 11 attacks (often referred to as September 11th or 9/11) were a series of coordinated suicide attacks by al-Qaeda upon the United States on September 11, 2001. On that morning, 19 al-Qaeda terrorists hijacked four commercial passenger jet airliners. The hijackers intentionally crashed two of the airliners into the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center in New York City, killing everyone on board and many others working in the buildings. Both buildings collapsed within two hours, destroying nearby buildings and damaging others. The hijackers crashed a third airliner into the Pentagon in Arlington, Virginia, just outside Washington, D.C. The fourth plane crashed into a field near Shanksville in rural Pennsylvania after some of its passengers and flight crew attempted to retake control of the plane, which the hijackers had redirected toward Washington, D.C. There were no survivors from any of the flights. (extract taken from wikipedia)

Authorities claimed that Al Qaeda and its leader, Osama Bin Laden were behind the attacks. But what do we know about them? Why were American soldiers sent to Afghanistan? To search for Bin Laden? Why weren't they successful?
Have a look at the following video, which is going to help us understand some things.

Anyway, on Monday 2, 2011, Barack Obama, the president of the USA announced that Osama Bin Laden had been killed in a militar operation by American soldiers.
This is how the Guardian, a British newspaper covered the news of his death and the later reactions to it.

sábado, 21 de febrero de 2015

The industrial revolution timeline


The industrial revolution took place in England, in the mid eighteenth century, and little by little it spread to other places. England was the perfect place, as it was a powerful country, with many iron and coal resources, and colonies all over the world. From there, they got raw materials, such as cotton, and once the product was manufactured, they could be sold in the colonies.

We say thet the Industrial revolution started, in fact, thanks to the invention of the steam engine. But what was it? Have a look at this video

Here you have some presentations and videos which will help you understand this period of time better.

No doubt, a social revolution took place at the same time, people migrated from the countryside to the urban area where the factories where located. Cities grew and we changed from a rural into a urban society.

However, the living and working conditions were taugh, and even children as young as six years were obligued to work because they could get under machines or in tiny and narrow places, better than an adult. Have a look!

viernes, 16 de enero de 2015


For fishing we use sveral techniques, from the most simple ones till the most sophisticated ones. Here you have some:

bag net

fishing hooks

fishing rod
Nets are very important for fishing. here you have the pictures of some of those nets we have explained so far:
Drift net
trawling net




Here you have a crosswords that may help you learn  some of the concepts we have been working on lately. Just give it a try!