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The industrial revolution took place in England, in the mid eighteenth century, and little by little it spread to other places. England was the perfect place, as it was a powerful country, with many iron and coal resources, and colonies all over the world. From there, they got raw materials, such as cotton, and once the product was manufactured, they could be sold in the colonies.

We say thet the Industrial revolution started, in fact, thanks to the invention of the steam engine. But what was it? Have a look at this video

Here you have some presentations and videos which will help you understand this period of time better.

No doubt, a social revolution took place at the same time, people migrated from the countryside to the urban area where the factories where located. Cities grew and we changed from a rural into a urban society.

However, the living and working conditions were taugh, and even children as young as six years were obligued to work because they could get under machines or in tiny and narrow places, better than an adult. Have a look!

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