jueves, 16 de octubre de 2014


www.datutalaia.net is an interesting page where you can easily find information on economic statistics, both in the whole Basque Country and in municipalities.
Have a look at them and do the following activity:

Fill in this chart, but before ...
    • Make a copy of the document and drag it onto My Drive
    • Change the name of the document, (e.g: Ibai Arana economic concepts)
    • Share it with me from the very first moment (larranaga.helena@laskorain.net)
  • Take the data (datuak) of each row (lerroa) and make a clear graph to illustrate it. For that...
    • Select the range of information (rows and columns)
    • Insert - graph (choose the style of graph that most suits it)
Careful!! One range of data per graph!!!